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I love the game enough that I paid for all the levels just to support you guys. It's really addicting, and I really like the game play. I made it to 50 last night and knocked the boss down a bit, but ultimately died. I will get him.

A few notes:

Bug: I've had some successful enemy ship takeovers, which are super helpful for defense. However, when my shuttle returns to base (which is successful as often as not) I don't get the option to re-launch even though I have plenty of marines. One key to the game seems to be building an impressive fleet, but that's tough when my marines are sitting around being lazy.

Annoyance: I wish we had a little more control over research trees. It seems that keys to getting far a gatling (early) and plasma (later). Bolters are worthless past level 10, so you're in trouble if you don't have gatlings. Missiles don't compare to plasma later. Those orbs are sweet for close in defense as well, but I get them maybe 10% of the time. Can you give a bit more control on this?

Tip: For other players, I tweak my marines/pilots downward and researchers way up to speed tech. It seems to work, though not always. I would focus more on marines if the shuttle bug noted earlier weren't a problem.

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