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Completed Episode 1 three times in a row, so I think I have a viable tactic.

I start with 10/25/35/30. As the game begins I build 1 bolter and 1 hangar. Then I move all engineers from repair to hangars. I don't change anything in research, so it's 10/10/10. After that I start accumulating hangars to the full 8 of them, selling the bolter too eventually. I set my fighters to offensive once I have 4 hangars, and move all the engineers to 2/0/33. I set all fighters i have to shields, evasive, autolaunch, and as soon as I get missiles researched I rearm them all with missiles. I only take pilots (2 times) and capital ships (also 2 of them) as reinforcements. I set my capitals near the battlestation and give orders to them only when the boss appears. I always manually set larger aliens ships as targets to take them down fast.

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