Battlestation: First Contact episode 2 tips and advice


And by the way, here is my wining strategy: Set marines to 20, pilots to 40, scientists to 20, and rest are engineers. When the game starts, build two bolters. On wawe 2 build third bolter. Then build 3 hangars, and a shuttlebay. Place all scientists to Projectiles, and when they discover all projectiles, put them to energy. If they discover gatling, replace all bolters whit gatlings. Capture carrier or torpedor. Equip all you fighters whit missles.When scientists discover missle, equip the rest slot whit it. Upon a sucessful capture, replace shuttlebay whit another missle.Missles targeting set to strongest, random. As reinforcements first order 2 battleships, then 2 missleships, and finaly, a capital ship.When the mothership arrives, put all your ships near it.

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