Battlestation: First Contact episode 4 tips and advice


This one took a few tries, but here is how I did it.

1. Had 50 scientists, all focusing on projectiles - only untill I have unlocked rockets, and 2 of the rocket fire rate upgrades, then I focus everything on Augments so that my ships don't get picked off like flies in the end game.

2. Had about 4 rockets, a gatling and a few hangars on my battlestation

Note: Had 30 Engineers and kept half of them on repairs most of the match and half of them on turrets, then for the boss fight I devoted all engineers to repair as the boss takes out some of the turrets rather quickly.

Also all of my fighters were set to evasive, and had rockets + shields.

3. Focused all of my fire on the big ships as soon as they were within rocket range, and with the almost 30% increase in fire rate and a decent increase in damage they were enough to rip apart one of their capital ships in a few seconds.

Note: I made all of my rockets target turrets, this keeps practically 80% of the DPS away from you which is the key to survival with this tactic I think.

4. I had 2 rocket ships, a battle ship to help with the smaller stuff, and a capital ship sitting behind my battlestation waiting for the boss fight.

5. Once the boss ship came out, I put all of my reinforcement ships in to hyper drive and spawned them all in the middle of the map in order to to absorb most of the DPS while the boss was out of range from my battlestation missiles, and made all of the ships focus their fire directly on the boss.

6. Once my capital ship was down I had taken about quarter of the bosses health and my rocket ships and rocket turrets mixed with my fighters mostly having rockets, stripped down the remaining health of the boss in about 10 seconds.

After that it was all over for the capital ship/carrier ships lurking far off in the distance.

And now for the level that feels impossible :S

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