Battlestation: First Contact feature requests and suggestions


I really love the tactics of the game. I posted some suggestions in another thread, but was thinking after that and wanted to get it down here.

I'm interested in an expansion, but wave after wave of bad guys will only hold my interest for so long. Why not add a strategic component? Randomly generate a map so you're surrounded (or neighboring) a bunch of different races with their own battle stations:
- To start with, you'd be under attack and defending for x number of waves.
- As you build (or capture) a fleet, you can opt to attack an opponent's battle station and try to seize it.
- Different stations could be customized, so if you had a support station behind the scenes it could specialize in research or capital building. Maybe offer different research bonuses from different races' ships, and you could even opt to reverse engineer captured ships.

I think the strategic component, with a randomly generated map, would give the game a lot more replayability.

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