Sorry this is so long. I also wanted to ask if we could recommend stuff.

In the original Battlestation (Now BattleVoid- actually fits the three games a bit better, since the second is more of a fleet manager) you could board ships, and take them over. You could also target weapons, shields, etc. I don't know if you guys take recommendations, so I'm sorry if this comes off as rude, but those two features are something that I really miss from the original/BattleVoid First Contact. Being able to target specific systems would really be helpful, and increase the tactical depth of the game overall. For example, you fire a missile into the enemy's main/more 'annoying' weapon, to disable it, such as an Ion Cannon or 'Mega' weapons of any type. Or, you can disable the enemies carrier so you can safely bombard them with your plasma bombers as to protect them. As for things to target, I think you should be sent to a screen similar to your Engineering tab, except you can't see the stats of the enemies' weapons. From here you choose what you want to attack- the enemies gatling guns stopping your missiles, their neverending fleet of fighters, Maybe their hull, etc. Once you chose what things you want to attack, you then get sent to another tab similar to Engineering but with your ships, and you choose what weapons, carriers and point defense to attack your target. To balance out attacking weapons, weapons would do less damage to hull, unless the weapons is being repaired. You could also attack with individual fighters; as in, if you are using the default Nightengale, with five Bolter Fighters, you could have three focus on surrounding fighters, while the other two attempt to disable the enemies' main weapon(s). Of course, you could also take a more, 2nd BattleVoid approach, and simply set it to focus on weakest, strongest, etc. That also has limitations, but, it's your game, and it is already pretty complete. Also, Fighters in general should work more as a team, I tend to move them towards an enemy ship in formation before having them actually 'attack.' As for Marines, they should be able to board any ship (Or maybe just ones with carriers) and take over the ship for the duration of the battle/time you are in the sector. This will allow you to salvage more from the ship, all it's weapons, etc. Similar to FTL. Of course, you'd need enough Marines. Upgrades could include number of Marines, advancement in weaponry, and perhaps escorts and their boarding ship. Advancement in weaponry could make each Marine .5 more effective in combat, So each Marine can take down 1.5 hostiles, and then 2, etc. per Marine. That way, 10 Marines can take down 30 enemies before they are completely wiped out. OR, you could make each individual boarding a 'mini-game.' Ever heard of Door Kickers? Another Indie game, but I think you could make something similar to that. You'd need to make an interior for each individual ship, and if you don't want to do that, make it so the enemy doesn't board your ships- although that wouldn't be so fun, huh? Anyways, if you read this, please send me an email of your thoughts. I know how hard it would be to code a whole new AI for the second part of the Marine idea, and perhaps even to be able to intelligently target player weapons, but I think this would all be good additions to the game.

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