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I understand this game is supposed to be rogue-like, and you start with a random amount of Scrap and Green thingies, but ships should rather start with a smaller amount of scrap and a limited armament. For example, the Nightengale will start with a basic Projectile Cannon, Energy Cannon combo, and maybe fighters, and you start with 500 scrap and 5 Green thingies, like FTL, but with a limited amount of scrap.
Or, perhaps before the initial sector, you have a limited budget based on a ship and it's size, and it'll be the only time you can refund stuff full price- since you haven't actually entered a sector. I've also noticed I start with more Scrap when I use bigger ships, and that there is already a similar setup already, but this would be a little ore user friendly.
Either-or, the idea is that people starting out can have an easier time understanding the game, and basic weapon combinations. Also, it would help more experienced and mediocre players (Me) on harder difficulties, so they don't get too unlucky and start with a meager 982 scrap. Granted; I personally like the challenge sometimes- sometimes -but it can happen, while typically not that extreme.
Also, keep a 'classic' mode. That way, you can still play it the same way it is now.
Also, looking back, my last ideas were a bit far fetched, with this game being multi-platform, but not impossible I suppose.

Oh! I forgot to mention Fighter/Bomber ROEs. Bombers seem to drift way to close to enemy ships, and should prioritize staying as close to maximum range as possible as to engage enemy ships safely. I manually have move alongside the enemy ship and not directly. While they try to do this now, it would increase their effectiveness greatly.

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