DevBlog #8 - First version of hyperspace!


Hyperspace events depend on the randomness and hardness of the SF that you're going for, but here are some ideas:

- Electronic devices can go haywire

- Non-physical alien beings cause random epiphanies among the crew members. Someone can go smarter, someone can go insane

- Space gets warped on atomic level. Your ship is now 5% smaller but also 5% denser. Volatile materials might explode

- Matter can turn into antimatter or vice-versa. Check your fuel and storage compartments

- Your ship is replaced with the exact same ship from an alternate reality. There is just a tiny difference. This might be anything from a different crew member to a different color

- Time gets distorted. Travel takes up to five times as long or much shorter. In some cases, you may even arrive before you even got into the hyperspace

- Internal time distortion - everything arrives x years older or younger/newer. Things that weren't made back then (like a new computer) don't exist at all

- Alien visit - aliens that exist only in warp can visit you and try to observe, kidnap or help you. Too bad their logic is so much different than ours, so they might help by killing crew with low stats or cause random effects by "observing" you

- Clone - one of your crew or ships or devices is now doubled. You have two of the exact same thing

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