A multiplayer for Battlestation?


Well maybe you could do something like sol survivor and have you defending your battlestation whilst also buying troops to destroy theirs. But you could also make it so you just have to buy the troops and then command them to attack the defenders battlestation. You could either get a certain amount of money for each wave or periodically receive money. Also going along with the FTL influence (btw one of my fave games) you could have individual system upgrades for the battlestation and the other bigger ships and the more you play online or the further you get into a match the more upgrades you get but the former idea would make the game a bit too noob unfriendly, sorry for the paragraph but i love your game and would love to see it on steam as i am a big pc gamer! Smile kudos to you guys for making such a great game

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A multiplayer for Battlestation? - by James Downey - 11-27-2014, 03:24 PM

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