A game with great potential!

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(04-03-2017, 07:15 AM)AdmiralGeezer Wrote: Yeah, a bit like Master of Orion. Ruler of the galaxy type of game. This type of game has been in our thoughts, using the assets from Harbinger as a base. Expanding on the star map and creating resource control, research, and buildings. Essentially a 4X strategy game.

We'll see Smile The part you wrote about a lot of work and time is exactly the issue. It's one thing to create all those features, that will take a lot of time. But creating those features and unifying it all into a great package is even more time consuming.
but most of the players we just find it really interesting if not too dependent on your problems but instead exploding like a world without founder control. In other words, the world is as diverse as you mentioned above. That feels interesting to players, but most of the game genres are quite similar now, I want you to break through and I also don't regret the money to buy my favorite game. Thank you for reading. I wish you a great day a lot of fun at work

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