DevBlog #12 - Random ship generation and new screenshots.

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It's been a while! But fear not, silence means we are busy being hard at work Smile We've been working on a random ship generation system. It was quite a large task since we had to determine rules for how we want ships to generally look like and have some logic to it all. Things like crew rooms being their own section, instead of scattered around all over the ship. Engine room should obviously be in the back of the ship, not in the middle. Command center looks good at the front of the ship, but can be put at other sections of the ship as well.

This system will give you the opportunity to explore a refreshing amount of randomly generated ship wrecks, and face other groups fleeing from Earth with their own ships.

The system will not only allow for how the content could be shuffled within a ship, but also the structure of the ship itself. With it being larger or smaller depending on the seed. In the gfycat above we show our first test of random content generation in a ship.

In addition to the random ship generation system we have worked on the lighting system and made it better. Enjoy these new screenshots, which shows how the game is looking currently.

[Image: bXZIvK6.jpg]
Grabbed this shot from our programmers screen. Lighting is starting to be on point!
[Image: vz2mTaK.jpg]
Lone crew member feels lonely.
[Image: J0Oy5DF.jpg]
In-game screenshot from the current Alpha version.
[Image: jecSkho.jpg]
A shot from a ship engine room.
[Image: Z1HHZaX.jpg]
And it got caught on fire! Quick! Get the Extinguisher!
[Image: ctW24Cl.jpg]
Ship and various facilities to build. You will be able to build the ship from ground up tile by tile, wall piece by wall piece.
[Image: rrzkAEE.jpg]
Crew about to board a wrecked ship and investigate what's going on.

We've also just started creating some first weapons and shooting. Decided to grab a short clip of our first test seen above! More on this in a later update.

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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