Are there any Available Modding Tools for This game?? as a modder myself im interested in modding it Complete Overhaul as for me The game is Great. But the way they present was  somewhat not  great (no offense)  ill point it out

1.)Human-Alien War but somehow i never saw human Ships fighting alone against the alien it didnt give us that atmosphere.
2.)Solo Fight- 3 ships faceoff against an Entire invading race 
3.)Missions are meh go here destroy this you are the last hope for mankind side quest for mercs and their ships arent really that good
4.)Not much Audio its really cool if they had one like "Contact Contact Enemy Ships warping in 4 Seconds" this will give us some Dramatic Effects 
5.)Repetitive Grinding well there goes go here wipe them out we need their scraps to buy weapons
6.) Small Map theres like 50 or so Places you can go in a map

that is the limitations of the games that i liked to point out But anyways i really Enjoyed Playing this Game Especially on My Phone kept me up until 2 am at times but the limitations are upsetting as it always seem it is lacking many things but if you can give us the right Modding tools we can mod this game to a greater extent see Mount and Blade,TW franchise,AOE2,RONEE modding keeps game alive so even if you guys are busy making your new game we can make this game enjoyable to be played by everyone who Bought this game and prolongs the gameplay. if you can give us a modding tool or tell us how make a guide? i believe we can improve this

If the developers Read this thank you for reading I hope you can respond.

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