New screenshots from Battlevoid: Sector Siege!

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[Image: 1s1hUyn.jpg]
A fleet of 5. You can command up to 12 or so ships in the game.

[Image: U43NR8u.jpg]
The crew selection screen. Your crew composition will affect various statistics in the game, like build rate, research, resource gathering and marine attack and defense.

[Image: STzgC1O.jpg]
A Trolgar mothership entering the zone.

[Image: VDl4gQp.jpg]
The build window for the Battlestation.

[Image: rsLdbbU.jpg]
Boarding a Guardian Light assault ship. Victory! This ship will be ours.

[Image: 5dPGPgT.jpg]
The reinforcement window, plenty of ship designs to choose from. Each ship can be customized with point defense turrets, main turrets and hangars.

[Image: H9Dfu4o.jpg]
Trolgars surrounding human fleet.

[Image: bdtlskf.jpg]
The build window for a human ship.

[Image: nQosj83.jpg]
Celestials defending their mine against Wanderer attack.

[Image: 9EpOUt6.jpg]
The research window. The game currently has over 10 tech trees, consisting of stat bonuses, new turrets and hangars, as well as new units.

[Image: iT3fzLd.jpg]
Celestials defending against a Trolgar attack

[Image: xVFWR1U.jpg]
The Celestial Battlestation showing who's boss!

[Image: aQi0yKm.jpg]
Human Battlestation can't withstand a Trolgar attack.


ANSWER: It won't be too long now. We will announce a release date immediately when we know!

We hope you like what you see and feel free to leave any comments or questions!

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