Level related upgrading


Hello, Jonesso.

As you may or may not know Battlevoid: Harbinger stopped selling enough to sustain our 3-man indie team a long time ago. For this reason we had to continue on and start developing new games hoping for better days.

We did do an update recently to Harbinger, the reason was Apple discontinuing 32-bit support totally, so we had to update or the game would not have been available on iOS anymore.

There's been many wishes from our community to develop Harbinger further along the way, but we simply don't have the man power or the money to do that.

All of this means that we don't really have a choice if we want to support ourselves with game development, and that is ultimately what we want. To create games and get enough money to get food on the table. Wish I had better news but this is the truth.

We're pushing hard to release Battlevoid: Sector Siege next month, confident the game will give a new challenge into the Battlevoid universe. Working on getting material for trailer and screenshots at the moment!

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