Thank you letter from us here at Bugbyte

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To you, our awesome community member!

About two weeks have passed since we released Sector Siege. I wanted to take the time to thank all of you for rising to the occasion and helping us push Sector Siege up on top selling lists across all platforms.

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The Google Play release was spectacular! Battlevoid: Sector Siege rose like a rocket and for 1 day we were second only to Minecraft of all premium Google Play games in USA! Apple and Steam were not bad either, we can really say Sector Siege got a chance to make it's way to a solid position on all stores and it is all thanks to you. The game has not sold quite as well as we hoped in the end, but it definitely gives us more leeway to continue creating games and bringing Space Haven into your hands.

So thank you! We couldn't be more grateful for how you reacted and helped us.

About the feedback Sector Siege has received

While many have liked the game, it seems some are disappointed that the new game is not as fun as Harbinger. We understand where you are coming from and see the issues you have brought up.

There is one thing I want you to understand. The game was mostly developed solo by me from the ground up using a new game engine. It was my first game project, where I worked as the main programmer. I took upon the challenge to recreate the base elements of Harbinger and create something new on top of that. I worked relentlessly for 14 months straight pushing 6 days a week and 12 hours a day. That's what it took to bring the game to life. When people were out and about at 22.00 in the evening on a Saturday having fun, I was walking home from work. I really gave it everything I have, leaving nothing behind. It saddens me to see that the game isn't fun for some of you, just know that it was my intention to make it as fun as possible.

With all of this said I do not want to make excuses, I just want you to understand things behind the scenes. Battlevoid: Harbinger was a game we all worked on together, all 3 of us. We all made big efforts to piece together the best package it can be. Since our two other guys were fully occupied with making Space Haven great, there wasn't much time for them to chime in and help with Sector Siege. After all that has happened I am still proud of the game, and very happy that many have liked it. I do also understand you who have not. Whatever the end result may be please believe we always try to create a fun game, always. All I can say is that game development is damn challenging, and all we can try is to learn from our mistakes.

Space Haven is a game we have all worked on together, I was able to juggle this while creating Sector Siege. It's our dream game, that once in a lifetime type of game for a developer. We look forward to bringing Space Haven into your hands, and we will keep updating Sector Siege along the way!

It has been a long time since we made a development blog update on Space Haven, so it's my pleasure to show you the newest screenshots from Space Haven.

[Image: ODk4xFL.jpg]
[Image: dnAN4XK.jpg]
[Image: qjTxskx.jpg]

I look forward to be able to update you more frequently now that Sector Siege has been released. If you want to see some new footage of Space Haven you can do so by going to this forum post. Hope you enjoy the new screenshots and if you haven't signed up to the Bugbyte community be sure to do so below! You will be notified first when we are ready to make our early access available.

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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