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Hey there, just wanted to chime in w/ some support but also some feedback. Sector Siege is not a bad game - it's quite a bit of fun. The problem is that it quickly feels repetitive (to me) - each mission is basically the same thing, over and over again, and there's no real feeling of progression. The nice thing about Harbinger was that there was some feeling of progression; as you built up your fleet you'd get to take it with you to the next level, so you were always building up to something bigger. With Sector Siege it has the potential to have all of that sort of progression - a map you move from section to section on, a research tree, unlockable elements - but every time you move on to a new sector everything (except for the unlockables) is reset. I spent all of that time researching photon cannons or nukes or this or that, and now I'm back to researching the initial upgrade to shields again.

I'm not a game designer; I don't know the best way to allow for some carry-over while still giving things to do each mission, but I'd suggest some sort of perpetual research and economy (i.e. each conquered sector could provide ongoing money and research points, and maybe you could bring one or two researched elements forward with each conquered sector, and in exchange the time/ cost for research and upgrades could be increased and the difficulty of new sectors could ramp more quickly - this way you'd _need_ the benefits you got from conquering old sectors in order to succeed at new ones, and you'd have a feeling of making progress and getting more powerful with each new sector).

Anyways, thanks for the efforts - all of the games you have put out have been fun and I've enjoyed them. I do feel like Sector Siege feels incomplete - but some sort of enhancement to the campaign mode where there's more progression (see my comments above) would go a long way towards fixing that.

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