DevBlog #14 - This is how Space Haven looks now.

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[Image: 3wkxSy7.jpg]

[Image: R3I0xdQ.jpg]
[Image: q7eGTox.jpg]
[Image: qjTxskx.jpg]
[Image: iwXnNcy.jpg]

Greetings, folks! It has been a long time since the last update. I was so swamped working on Sector Siege I did not have energy left to update our progress on Space Haven. We never stopped working on Space Haven, while I was working on Sector Siege our two other fellows were working hard solely on Space Haven. The game is progressing well, and we are piecing together all the components slowly but surely. We cannot wait to bring Space Haven into your hands, but it will still be a while before that happens.

We put a lot of time into creating a new background generator, and you can see the result in the newest screenshots above. The background generator system is something to behold! All the background assets are created without using sprites, they are created by telling the computer what to draw Smile

We have created a system that can generate stars, suns, moons, planets, galaxy spirals and more. This makes it possible to have beautiful backgrounds without having them take up a lot of space.

I look forward to be able to update you more frequently now that Sector Siege has been released. Hope you enjoy the new screenshots and if you haven't signed up to the Bugbyte community be sure to do so below! You will be notified first when we are ready to make our early access available.

Sign up for alpha/beta testing of this game when that day comes below:


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