Oooh, tasty new stuff!


I think the cost is about right. Maybe a bit cheaper. The higher tier stuff IS generally better than the lower tier stuff. You can read the raw DPS numbers from my guide and see that.

I do get your point though. Death ray and PD rockets don't appear to have much in common. But that's the relatively small downside of adding new stuff. In my suggestions thread, I attempted to add some cohesive groups, but that makes it a take it or leave it kind of thing. If the dev likes 2 out of 4 ideas, then he has to bundle it with some other stuff that is not really related thematically which defeats the purpose of the groupings. If he abandons the 4-consecutive-tech-per-tree then it really looks "tacked on" which is likely why he dismissed that suggestion from myself early on.

You gotta remember... the DEV knows a lot of stuff that we don't about difficulty of implementation, interactions with other stuff, balance, etc. I am good at analysis but he has lived and breathed the game for the last year so I'd take his judgement over mine. Ok, stepping off soapbox...

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