Battlevoid: Sector Siege updated! Version 1.42 out now.


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Hope everyone has had a good start on 2018. We've been churning on here at Bugbyte and I decided to make more stuff for Sector Siege! This time it's a new research tree with hangar related improvements.

I made a research tree with:
  • Hangar build speed improvement 10%
  • Hangar build speed improvement 20%
  • Fighter Capture Ray - This laser ray will instantly hack the computer of any enemy fighter, make it attack all your enemies for 30 seconds and then self-destruct.
  • Squad size improvement to 2 for all bomber hangars - This will make your bomber hangars able to launch out 2 bomber units at a time from one hangar instead of just 1. This tech is practically a huge boost to your firepower when combined with many bomber hangars.
Hope you enjoy the new content!

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