Battlestation: Harbinger to be released August 13th


[Image: August13thHarbingerLogo.png]

Commanders! It is my great pleasure to announce that August 13th is a very special day. We have worked hard for 9 months now and it is time to show you what we have accomplished. Two epic Battlestation games; Battlestation: Harbinger (multi-platform) and Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope (PC) will be the center of attention.

Watch the announcement video above. You will be able to play Battlestation: Harbinger through Google Play and Apple App Store on Thursday August 13th. And surprise! Battlestation: Harbinger will also be available on PC. We have submitted the game to Steam Greenlight and you can vote using the link below:

Vote Harbinger on Greenlight

You can watch the official trailer for Battlestation: Harbinger above.

Screenshots from Battlestation: Harbinger (Multi-platform)

[Image: buildScreen.png]
The Battlestation: Harbinger build screen. Red slots for big cannons, blue slots for small point defense cannons and facilities. Green round slots for hangar bays!

[Image: mapScreen2.png]
The mission screen. There are different missions for you to complete. Escort friendly ships to safety, destroy enemy ships, clear out sectors and so on. The roguelike features make every game its own, so you will always have different set ups of missions in a game!

[Image: mapScreen2.png]
The star map screen, which you use to travel to new sectors. The mini map to the right shows what your scanners reveal from the sectors. The bigger the red triangles are, the bigger enemy ships will greet you there!

[Image: enemyBattlestation3.png]
An epic battle between Humans and Trolgars taking place. Wait a minute, is that a Trolgar Battlestation up to the left. It must be! That’s right it is, they have built Battlestations of their own and it is your job to attack them and clear them out. They have built them on meteors floating aimlessly in the space, clever Trolgars!

Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope screenshots (PC)

[Image: buildBattlestationRounded2.png]
The build screen in Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope, equipped with an updated version of the Battlestation. 8 platforms, 8 BIG cannons Smile

[Image: buildBattleShipComposedRounded.png]
The build screen for a Battleships. You will be able to build and customize your own ships, defend earth or go explore the surroundings with them.

[Image: researchRounded.png]
Current research screen.

[Image: Bbattle2Rounded.png]
And a screenshot of actual battle.

There are many ways in which you can help while you wait for August 13th Smile Follow the steps below and you have our eternal gratitude! Battlestation is made for you and we are confident you are going to love the upcoming games.

  • Join the Battlestation Thunderclap with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, it will post one (1) message on your behalf August 13th. Join the Thunderclap!
  • Vote Battlestation: Harbinger on Steam Greenlight:
    Vote Harbinger on Greenlight
    <li> Click the follow and vote buttons at, it will give us a chance to go to Gamescom 5th-9th of August to show Battlestation: Harbinger to thousands of players! Vote Harbinger on Playfield

Commanders! This is it, the final battle starts August 13th. We need you now. See you soon commanders.

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