Thoughts for improvement

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A few 'quality of life' improvements that should be easy to implement:
  • Date (maybe time) stamp on saved files. I went back after not playing for a while and wasn't sure which was my most recent game.
  • Show all ships in 'unlock new things screen' for ease of comparison. Most people won't have the specs memorized so being able to toggle between the ship you usually use and one to potentially unlock would be helpful.
  • Show prices in the 'unlock new things screen'. I realize price may vary by difficulty, but it's frustrating to unlock something only to realize later that it is so expense you probably will never use it.
  • Let my 'Saved' ship designs persist across sectors. It's annoying to have build a each ship step by step every sector when I am largely reusing the exact same ships. (With some method to delete saved designs so they are there forever if you change your mind on a design)
  • Let me 'build' ship weapons while the ship is being 'recruited'. I have on several occasions gotten distracted elsewhere in the sector while a ship was being 'recruited' and then sent it off without weapons because I thought I had built it from a 'saved' design (because I had saved that design 10 minutes before in the previous sector) and not an empty hull.
Some prices are weird. For instance:

BSE Avallon ............. Hull 1400 Sh 700 Turret 3 Point 2 Marines 78 Vision 5 - $1600
BSE Harvesterstation Hull 1200 Sh 600 Turret 2 Point 2 Marines 65 Vision 5 - $2000

Avallon is the same or better in every way AND cheaper.

Finally one of the unlock research trees has missiles which is already an unlocked option in weapons?

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