Resource and Ship Capture Balance: Suggestions


Ship Capture and Resource From Such Balance Suggestions:

Ship Capture Segment: 
1: Biometric Lockouts: Since this is the future, and because people would wanna keep their ships safe from hostile takeover, biometric locks on important sections like cargo, bridge, and filtration requiring an officer ID-print or a highly skilled hacker to access to get full control of the ship.  For the OIDP (Offficer Identification Print) you'd need the corpse or captive ship officer and someone skilled in security systems and Fake B-ID Production to make the card.

2: Down With The Ship. After you kill or restrain so many crewmates, the enemy ship will begin a Self Destruct Sequence, allowing you only time to either grab some resources, or storm the bridge to shut it down with a skill ship systems engineer.

3: High Risk: Enemy Crewmates are more numerous and deadly, and will more often than not just kill boarders and use advanced tactics like flashbangs, tear gas, security turrets, and so on.

4: Ship Jack: Like 1 and 2 but only this time you need to interrogate the captain to gain the access codes to the various ship systems. From here you need your ship systems engineer to perform repairs, rewrite command parameters, and work with the Security Tech/ Hacker to reboot the bridge to allow access. Captains would be well guarded and to interrogate them need to be hard to intimidate/torture.

Resources Gained via Scrapping Ship Segent:

1: Skill based. Each pawn would have various skills both shared and individual. A shared skill could be "Scrapper", in which the higher it is the more you gain from enemy ships. IE: Teir 1 Scrapper only gathers 20% of resources from breaking down enemy equipment and such; but a teir 10 scrapper would get 90% back.  Would be a trainable skill both by doing the job, and by researching for hours on end. 

2: Class Lock: Only engineers and technicians can gather large amounts of resources from enemy ships and are locked at only 60% cap. Everyone else is locked out a a much smaller number like 10-20% resource gain. 

3: Burned Bridge: Like with Ship Capture (Down With The Ship), as the enemy captain activates the self destruct timer, the ship begins venting equipment, and pre-emptive scuttle explosions destroy a lot of the resources you could gain. The faster you are the more you get, but stay too long and you lose your crew.

4: A mix of everything from both segments intertwined to make it both job based while also being skill based in order to maximize the use of your team, and to make hard desicions on if you wanna keep a ship or grab what you can before you're either overwhelmed or the ship hits the ZERO mark and explodes taking everyone with it.   Note: Not all ships should do this. Small rinky dinky haulers with a tiny crew or whatever wouldn't go full on Scorched Earth Protocol, but with them just make it so they always have very little to give and are the farmable "Training" ships if you're not into researching hours on end. 

Either way I hope this gives the devs some idea sparks :Big Grin look forward to your game!

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