Sleeping and time skip


I agree. It's one of the feedbacks I gave in-game. Right now I feel Sleeping doesn't contribute so much to the game and just wastes my time. I remember the dev. of Rim-world also experimented with removing/adding sleep. However in Rimworld, more things happen during the sleep. Here, nothing would really happen. Or maybe not really noticeable. The only function it serves is justifying the beds/bedrooms.

So far I haven't even really paid attention to the people's wishes/needs, simply because i feel the UI isn't very friendly in this aspect. It's annoying to press 'K' and go one by one just to check the stats. I miss < and > buttons.

So I am not even aware how much it impacts. With Rimworld, there were 101 things to do. But here; you're inside a spaceship. Once it's built, it's built ...

maybe they would salvage slightly faster? But I don't think it matters, as the biggest time consumpion of salvaging is the spaceship flying from/to the airlock and the walking from/to the packages. I don't think they walk faster if they're well rested? I dunno.

I know it's alpha; I still enjoy the game; but I think a lot of balancing still has to be done I guess. (and the UI could be made a bit friendlier)

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