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First; in general I love the game and the concepts behind it; I've always been a big fan of X-Com, space, isometric games, Rimworld, etc. So thank you guys for putting so much effort in bringing a game like this to us. Apologies if I talk too much about other games; to be honest I don't think Space Haven brings something new to the table; but it combines elements of other games into a single game, which is why I think it's (potentially) going to be a great game.

One of the things I miss while I was playing is, that I really lack having an emotional connection with my crew. While I have a connection with the ship, because I am designing it and building it, I don't really feel much for the crew. They're there just to build the ship for me and to raid derelicts.

I've seen you guys implemented a very similar structure like rimworld; a log where we can see what's happening in the daily life of the people .. but somehow I can't seem to care. In Rimworld, the negative effects are much more apparent. The would walk much slower; their name would have a different color; they would cause some serious problems, etc. I assume that's going to be in store as well for our Space havenians?

Aside of that; I hope, if it is possible, whether we can have some (dynamic generated) portraits of the people? Currently they're too pixelated for my taste to actually be able to consider them human. Even though rimworld's puppets are really just a blob; the one thing they do have much better is real defined faces and hair. I figure, maybe if we see the portraits of our Astronauts, we can relate more to them?
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