Ship mass and crew squad

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First of all, thank you so much for this game and this unbelivable solid Alpha. It's a pleasure to play it and to be one of your backers. 

My first question is about ship mass. Is there a possibilty to extend it? In my new game, the limit is 1600. I can rise it to 3100, but after this limit, hyperspace is no more available. I try to build a second reactor, but it does nothing...

Second question : do you plan to let us the possibility to create some sort of squad, specialized in some job, like security/military, logisitc, construction,...
It will be a good thing if it weren't necessary to select one by one all members of your crew you want to send to a derelict ship for exemple.

Hopes i'm clear and sorry for my english, i'm a french cow Smile

Thx for your answer.

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