Battlestation: Harbinger Content Update Kickstarter


What I feel is needed are more utility mini turrets(Blue). For example, speed turrets, general effect turrets, etc.
This can give people, quite easily, the option to create "builds": Sacrifice firepower but gain the ability to be really fast as a hit and run destroyer.
Also, Ramming? I Know it adds collision which is not built into the engine, but can be cool.
Scuttle : Send a ship in and detonate it, suicide with ships around it.
Electronic warfare: Send missiles away from you, or better yet, ATTRACT fire (AKA tank ship).

Oh, and my favorite thing: Energy management: Power to shields, engines and weapons is a must have.
Super easy to code in, LOADS more strategy at the players fingertips, and generally badass Smile

Keep on the good work you guys.


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