Battlestation: Harbinger Content Update Kickstarter


Love the game and the graphics. Addictive, but became too easy once I figured out a couple of tricks. Three upgrades on the recharge time of the projectile cannon makes it the ultimate weapon. You get one energy cannon with three upgrades to its recharge time, and fill the rest of your red slots with projectile cannons with 3 upgrades to the recharge time, and you are unstoppable. Max out your shields with shield boosts, get some shield regenerating drones and hull regenerating drones, then take on 20 enemy ships at once with no problem.

My thoughts: I think new ships and equipment should have to be purchased at a space station or home world. I would like to see fuel and supply management a part of the game. Also, quests for transporting critical supplies.

Another the issue I have is that enemies do not attack friendlies when I am NOT in the sector. A wonderful strategic dynamic I would like to see is to have friendly warships I can direct to hold sectors or protect space stations and home worlds. A commander should have to manage, and even buy, friendly warships that do not travel with the main Armada.

To really take the game to another level, add shuttles which can go to Planet surfaces for adventures on the planets. Could even have RPG style battles on planet surfaces. Seek out merchants to engage in trade and buy supplies. Visit dignitaries to find quests.

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