Battlestation: Harbinger Content Update Kickstarter


First of all, you've made an incredible game! I can't stop playing it. Keep up the good work!

Here's a few suggestions.

1. There shouldn't be constant prize for not-completing a campgain. Now I can gain player level and unlock new ships just by constantly losing a first battle in the hard mode. More points for destroying enemies in harder mode would be better idea. Also harder modes could be unlocked on higher player level.

2. I'm not sure but if I restart a campgain in the middle of one I don't gain any points. I think that points and player level should be constantly updated, not only at the end of a campgain.

3. Sometimes little enemy ships goes crazy shooting at random direction and moving far away. Chasing them is really time-consuming.

4. When buying a ship there would be cool to see what slots it has.

All the other things were already said by other players. Once again, thanks for this really amazing game!

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