New-Player Feedback

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Hi there,

I started with the game only yesterday and so far have 4 hours playtime, and would like to give some feedback from a new-player perspective.

While there is the side-panel for materials, I feel like it isn't really well configured for the start, and also not as easy to see. I would really like some tree-structure like for example in Rimworld, as I didn't notice, when I ran out of Infrablocks the first time.

Maybe also add an overlay when building with "[cost] / [available]" for each required resource.

In general, I really like the game so far, but there is one thing I don't really like: Building Tools. For one: I don't think it's good design, if you can deadlock on basic materials. I had to cheat, when I tried to move my generator, as I was out of tools, and only realized that, after the generator got deconstructed. Adding a price to moving buildings isn't really a good idea in my opinion, as I like to move around stuff often just to make it look a bit prettier. The time needed to deconstruct -> move -> build should be enough penalty.

The tutorial
The "tutorial" isn't really beginner friendly. Not sure, if the first sector is fix or generated, but there shouldn't be enemies in the first derilict. Almost lost a crew-member and the game kept telling me, that the person is bleeding and needs a medical bed, while I could do nothing about that. The tutorial also should include building a recycler, as I was out of materials before I left the first system. Had to cheat some more Infrablocks into my save-file. As the whole construction of the recycling area is rather expensive, it should be done really early.

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