Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


A couple more notes:
There should be some kind of countermeasure for missiles. I find that a fighter screen with a few missile/rocket launches will take down any number of enemies.

Gameplay quirks I didn't mention before:
- When you enter a sector with a surprise/trap box, it shifts focus to the box and zooms way in. I don't like the zoom, it's a distraction.
- When you beat the enemy base on a level, it gives you the option to warp out. However, you can only leave the map from that spot. I would prefer to have a "next map" button in navigation so I can go mop up any remaining enemies, then leave the system without flying all the way back.

My play style:
I beat the original game on all three levels. On the beta, easy really is easy. I had a ton of cash at the end, and a maxxed fleet. Medium seems okay, haven't gotten to hard yet on the beta.

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