Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

43. There was a mission on battlestation, I opened the briefing window, and as the mission was with a 5 turn limit, I decided to take it later, becaues I had some plans for the nearest turns already. However, there's no "back" button. When I clicked the Android back button, the briefing disappeared, as well as the mission icon over the starbase. Well, I was upset that I cannot accept the mission anymore.. and went to do the things I needed to do. Then, after 5 turns I get the notice that I have failed the mission. It's certainly a big UI hole..

44. Again I got a support ship with 2 shield reenergizers, and one of them (the left rear mount on BSE Liberator) almost always misses the ship itself, when it's trying to repair itself. The turret always misses the center of the ship by some small amount of degrees and the beam fires outward, ending abruptly in some distance.

45. Just got the first galaxy with celestials as the enemy. As the war is going on, the whole galaxy fills with repair beams. They are everywhere: my cargo bays are full of them, almost each sector is full of them.. There are lots of celestials, so I get lots of scrap and lots of repair beams. Other items come occasionally too, like I got a nice death ray, but the repair beams are overwhelming. By the end of the first galaxy I had more than 10'000 scrap and two fully-armed BSE Liberators. RNG gone rogue? Well, I got one of the Liberators destroyed right out of the door in the second galaxy, so I feel better now, but that first one was kinda strange Smile

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