Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!

The combat is designed around your location. There are times where a mercenary and an enemy base are in the same sector, but not fighting. You as a player are given unlimited time between sectors while the AI has a split second decision. It wouldn't be fair for an enemy to die somewhere else and not offer you the credit. That ship could drop a death ray and that item would be unavailable to you, since you were not present for the ship destruction.

Nemesis: Those ships are always new or repaired. when first encountered. You can constantly fight your nemesis if you ignore the escape pod. I also find that the AI will run away if the ship finds itself incapable of winning the engagement.
Insane difficulty: Ships should try to run away more frequently making it more difficult to collect scrap and dropped weapons. This gives the impression that the AI is smarter than we think. Continuing on, a warp/jump disruptor can assist a player in this situation. It does use a heavy weapons slot, but forces your opponent to engage.


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