Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Greetings, Commanders!

[Image: BetaTestTitle3.jpg]

We are about to push our first update of Extended Edition before Christmas for both Android and iOS. Yes you read that right, Merry Christmas Commanders!

NOTE 1! This is not the Final Version of Extended Edition, it is just the beginning! We need your feedback to make the game better, and you will get to play new content.

NOTE 2! Apologies to iOS users that we cannot arrange a beta test on Apple right now, it is so much more complex than Android. We will update the game before Christmas, so no worries!


This beta test is to find out all bugs and faults so that we can fix them, we need your help doing that! So all of you who have bought the game on Android can join using this link:


When you join using that link you will receive a notification every time the Beta test game is updated, the same way when we push an actual update to the Google Play store. Go to my applications in Google Play and you should be able to update Harbinger like below:

[Image: Screenshot_2015-11-27-15-42-49.png]

Remember! Do not uninstall the game at any point if you want to keep your progress. The game does not have Cloud Save. Instead, join the beta test program and update the game with the official new version once it hits the store.

Questions to our magnificent community:
  • Do you feel the game has become better now?

  • What difficulty do you usually play, do you find it easy or too hard now?

  • Are there too weak or too powerful Turrets/Drones in your mind? Which ones?
  • Do you get a suitable amount of Scrap/Upgrade points? Too little or too much?

  • Is one game too short or too long?

  • What would you still like to see in the game?
  • What other feedback do you want to give us? Anything you feel could be better?

We hope to get many comments from you, Commanders! So that we can fix the faults and make the game better.

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