Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


I noticed a few things. Bug reports first. Mostly fighter issues.

Enemy fighters just making a beeline offscreen and never coming back, even escaping missile and rocket range. The only way to kill them is to warp out and back in.

Enemy fighter bays just dumping ships endlessly until you're either overwhelmed, or the mothership is destroyed. I don't know if this is truly infinite, but I've seen ships dumping squads of 12 or 15 fighters.

Enemy fighters that were following a ship never breaking off from the area it died in. Missile fodder.

Lots of graphics are clipped. Planetary BG's don't fill the whole BG. All three story texts extend beyond my phone's width, cutting off text.

Things like burst are much better balanced now. There are still some interesting balance quirks, like the difference between a 12 dps increase and a 16 dps increase, but for the most part it isn't a problem -- it's offset by non-stat factors in a lot of cases, such as burst granting a better chance of knocking down missiles, even if it doesn't target them. Beyond that, I don't mind having to do a little work to find the 'best' upgrade as long as some upgrades aren't so much better or worse that they become correct or incorrect decisions in upgrading.

Right now it looks like most upgrades that incur penalties, such as to (for instance) accuracy, can be offset by an upgrade to accuracy, for a net gain in all categories. That feels right to me.

Bolter drones still seem to be the king of the fighter bays. The fighters aren't manueverable enough - enemy fighters and drones move too much for them to actually fire much, leaving them mostly useful only against capital ships. But bolter drones are available in greater numbers, and don't have much problem with capital ships - they strip shields quickly in groups, their range is unlimited, etc etc. Laser drones might give them competition, but honestly, hull gives me more trouble than shields, and bolters are pretty balanced in targeting shields and hull. Lasers are balanced in this, too, but seem to expend some of their damage on empty space as they swivel around to stay near a target. Bolters may miss entirely sometimes as they do this, but more of their damage seems to end up on the enemy. I haven't observed closely or tested this - just how I feel about them.

Repair drones (and turrets) would be handier if they could repair you in zones you otherwise could not repair in, like in environmental hazards. At the moment, they seem to serve no purpose - almost any situation in which they could keep you alive long enough to defeat an enemy, more bolters would be more helpful in, defeating the enemy before that damage could be dealt to you. Shield drones are even worse, offering no defense against rockets/missiles, and giving little benefit when shields already recharge on their own.

Ion cannon MK2 are awesome, especially the celestial variant. You should probably make them a rarer drop, even while fighting enemies equipped with them. They're pretty evenly useful against shields and hull, they seem to disable manuevering when they hit an enemy ship a few times, (???) and with burst, they're a decent point-defense and a good shotgun offense against both ships and fighters, and have the range to be a general-purpose

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