Extended Edition Android Beta Test and Feedback!


Well then are problems with all with enemy fighters that are supposed to spawn with enemy ships with hanger bays. If we takes them out too fast or before they official spawn they will be like dummys firing their weapons on the spot in a group.
I've seen 5 to 6 together not moving and spread put in a circle where a base or ship used to be.also enemy ships seems to have a lot of hanger bays made the game crazy hard when I just started and only moved 4 times in hard mode. Counted 16 to 18 enemy fighters not including the other ships and fighters already there...4 moves only...

yup like I brought up earlier fighters flying to far to the corner is a problem and the max area we can hit is really smaller then where they could fly to. Quest for getting boxes or loot for ships only will be able to be traded back after you complete the mission. Like I mentioned earlier I manage to get back 2 to 3 boxes and sell it for scrap.

For bases and ships with weapons sometimes I could trade a weapon or 2 away without replacing anything. Then I tried returning it and grabbing it again. Auto fixed unable to take again.

All problems are from easy and hard means normal is also effected. Using a Android asus p6

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