Small Fixes


Some of these arnt small fixes but I figured I would still include them.

-The health status bars that boarder the screen after taking damage needs work. Since it comes up with little damage, I find myself ignoring it. Can you make the bars blink when damage gets critical (less than 25%)?
-fighters seem to fly by the target and then turn to fire. Unfortunately, they are often destroyed before firing a shot (drones don't seem to have this problem).
-there are numerous grammar mistakes in the English version (see my beta test results for specifics)
-nuke missles are too slow and WAY to easy to shoot down. They are essentially useless in the game.
-sector 4/4 on hard is way too easy. I'm not saying make it impossible but if you make it to sector 4/4 on hard, I should be running for my life, biting finger nails and praying for some luck at some point. So please, please make it harder.
-the game needs some type of ship upgrade and customization system. It would be nice to have a permanent stat upgrade as a reward (speed, hull, shield, ftl cool down time reduction, ect). It would give the game more re-playability and encourage players to use different types of ships.
-ships that you buy should come with different colors or patters so it is easier to distinguish which ship is which especially when all 3 ships in your party are of the same type
-secondary weapons seem to have a targeting bug. Sometimes they fire immediately and other time a missle or ship will fly right by me and the Gatling guns never fire.
-also, suggest adding a ship that has the fighter bay on the left side so that I can balance out my formation. Currently all ships have the fighter bay in the front or on the right side

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