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I've created this thread as a way to track some of the small things that I think would really help add polish to the game. Hopefully everyone can chime in and we can get a decent list going. These aren't balance changes, they aren't content, and they aren't bugs, they are just little tweaks. Things like grammar corrections, small UI improvements, just generally easy fixes that would benefit the game. Someone in another thread mentioned how the jump recharge indicator is great but it should just use the jump button, this is a great example and I will include it here.

Here are mine:
1) Jump recharge doesn't need a separate indicator, just use the jump button.
2) The repair beam is green, make repair drones use green beams to match. This way we can differentiate between hull and shield repair.
3) Repair should prioritize capital ships over drones. (As a behavioral change that affects balance, I'm not actually sure this belongs on this list, but it's important.)
4) Use the same scaling for hull and shield bars.
5) The vulcan cannon stats show that the rof changes with one of the upgrades, but it doesn't.
6) The Repair Beam repair amount upgrade says it raises repair amount by 10, but it actually raises it by 20.
7) I noticed that there is a really cool animation for fighters and drones launching and docking from the capital ship that never really gets used. I really like this, it reminds me of the viper launch tubes from battlestar galactica. I recommend making the fighters launch from the capital ships after you jump, and dock when all the enemies are destroyed instead of jumping with the capital ships. This would look amazing!

If anyone else can think of small fixes post them here!

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