USS Trademark Overpowered!


In a case of art imitating life or something like that, the USS Trademark maintains a strong corollary with this philosophy.    How the hell do you manage to trademark "battlestation" anyways?   Then have the gall to bully smaller developers who make space games with that word in it.   Ridiculous.

Anyways, Trademarks really ARE overpowered..being the first and only Tier 7 ship (7 big slots/bays) in     Like real life, nobody really wants to throw down fight a trademark, and the enemies scurry off like rats when I arrive.

Then in an even less-subtle manner, I had an entire EMPTY GALAXY spawn when I used this ship!    Every single point was completely empty of enemies.   They REALLY did not wanna mess with trademarks...


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Haha! Great write-up. Yeah, don't mess with trademarks, they are mean. Luckily, this is solely a human super power. Aliens don't have trademarks, so that is why they are losing all the time Smile


The ship is very op loved using it with 2 particle cannons and a death ray along with 2 squadrons of fighters and bombers I could clear entire galaxies within 30 minutes.


Really?  I like starting out with a Swarm strategy (fighters and missile), but after 2-3 maps I switch to Death Rays and Mega Plasma Cannons.  The Trademark is nice starting off with it's 4 bays, but only 2 heavy weapon spots makes it feel under powered later to me.


the trademark is should not be a crusier,i`ts a FREAKIN CAPITAL SHIP,also its not so op under several circumstances,especialy infinite wanderers

btw heres a good startegy

4 fully upgraded fighter

3 nuke cannons

swarm the ship with fighters,snipe it with nuke cannons

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