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at first, my english is not really good, I hope u can understand me and I play on a android device, not on pc.

This game makes very fun but I have something to critizice.

1. I can't switch the formation from my ships. If I have 6 or more Ships, the V-formation in not really effectively 'cause the first ship attacks all an get all shots from the enemy and the left and right ships are too far away to shoot. Pls inside a formationsystem like Battlevoid Harbinger. With them I can create my own formation from for ships.
2. I really don't understand why u have programmed this but why is the weakest ship always in front of the formation? The ship with the least HP ist alway in the front. If i play with 6 ships from the same type, you formationsystem put automaticly the wakest ship in the front, so this ship die at first. Absolut illogical, i want the strongest ship in the front, not this ship which dies after 2 seconds before my other ships can shoot.
3. I'm play mostly with the same strategy and the same weaponbuilds. It is really a nice idea, that u have implemend the "save u build"-system to rebuild the same ships and stations. can u implemend a similar system with them I can save my builds permanent. So, i can use the same builds in the next battle again?

lg and nice game.



We haven't programmed weakest ship to go first, it takes randomly one of all of your ships you have selected.
You can enable squad buttons in options and use them to better arrange your ships. You can for example have 3 squads, with 3 ships in each. This way you can control them a lot better.

You assign ships to a squad by selecting ship units you want to be in a squad, and then holding down a squad button for 1 second until the ship rectangles blink.

We can think about adding some kind of better formation control!


Is formation really random? I thought it had to do with the order in which you selected the ships (unless you select them at once with the select-all button). In any case, try selecting one at a time and see if that helps control formation better.

Geezer's suggestion is a very good one too, about multiple squads. I generally have found that I don't use formations much. I keep shuffling ships around in combat as much as possible so that different shields are exposed at different times. You can kind of automate this by doing short moves, but sometimes need to manually grab a ship and move it back or forward.


Yes you are right Joe, it's according to in which order you select the ships.

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