Space Haven Coming To Android?


Do you know if/when this will come?

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Yes it is coming to Android, most likely we will publish on all platforms at same time. We do not have an exact date, we can only try to aim for something and hopefully it will be sometime in Q1 (Early months) of 2019.


This game looks amazing!


@NET-ERROR. It is going to be amazing!


Уважаемые Разработчики я обожаю серию игр Battlevoid и с нетерпением жду Spase haven на андроид



Большое спасибо! Рад слышать это. Будьте на связи!

Thank you very much. Glad to hear it. Stay tuned!


will it comes to IOS? iphone please i beg you.  Big Grin

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@fireredbull. Regarding iOS it's a yes if our game engine doesn't stop working on it. It's still unclear if the game will be enjoyable on a phone though, the screen space is very limited, but we will try our best to make it happen. Tablets are easier since the screens are bigger, but we will try.


Is there big differences between mobile and PC versions btw?
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No difference except the user interface will be a bit different of course.

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