DevBlog #22 - Thoughts on early access and showing the newest progress!


Thank you everyone for the awesome comments!

@Scott. Shitting pants is in the game implemented.

@Talien. Might be reworded, but eventually somethings gotta happen when no toilet has been built Smile

@Arturius. Don't think GoG has any early access as far as we know? They tend to go with releasing completed games I think.


Yup, GOG does have Games in Development section, I've bought Project Zomboid there this way (sadly it looks like this game will never be finished).

Some info about GOG Games in Development is here:


@Arturius. Ahh, ok! Good to know, can look into it.


I buy from alot of platforms. does sell games being worked on. That's where I'd love to see this game as we can get immediate access. GOG, kickstarter need alot of publicity if you want your product name to get out there. That's the hard part which we can make up for sharing our investment by posting about it.

Steam.. well it's a great platform to sell your product on because of how the marketing is done. Great idea. I just didnt know steam had a mobile market place for phone games. That would be news to me. Steam is more for PC platform releases on linux, windows, and macs. You dont have to use their DRM module which is one of the reasons I try to buy games on other platforms first, because most of the time the devs use DRM on steam forcing you to login every time if you wanna play a game.


@Supernet2. This game is being developed for PC, Mac and Linux. With additional support for iOS and Android.


Ahh okay so the computer builds are coming first then iOS/android. I'd love to see the mobile variants soon given how over crowded and lack luster the existing android and iOS market is, with mediocre games being released with rehashed concepts. Big interest killer for games is the micro transactions and ads. That's what's really killing the mobile platforms, outside of rehashed content that's reskinned


@Supernet2. Yep, although we will try to get the iOS and Android builds out simultaneously with the PC builds if at all possible. We still have to determine minimum screen size before we can do any official releases on iOS and Android. So there are some factors we have to take into account.

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Space Haven and the kickstarted Starmancer looks similar in many aspects. It's going to be fun to compare the two games.
Graphically Space Haven looks much better and I hope you will take enough time to develop a great AI.


@steph. Indeed! Will do our best to make game play as good as possible.


One small question, do the crew members will be able to run?

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