Suggestion: Buy upgrade cores at stations


I know it's supposed to balance the upgrade system that you can't acquire unlimited of them but by the end game I'm feeling like the 40k scrap is just doing nothing and if I lose one of my ships I can buy a new one but it won't do anything close to the old because of how little upgrade cores I have left... I would like to suggest that it would be possible to buy upgrade cores to at stations but at a more reasonable price like 100 scrap or maybe 150 scrap per core to make it fair and more endgame so that my almost unlimited scrap can be useful again because to be honest after the mobile game was upgraded about a week or so ago when the new races where added the game suddenly became very hard and I can't win normal games and I have problems winning normal games now please consider my suggestion


I like it, by or sell green stuff for scrap would be a nice addition.


The large quantities of scrap you can acquire by the end of the game are kinda odd. I'm not sure upgrade point conversion is the best solution though. I prefer the suggestion to modify fleet costs and availability. It was in one of the other threads and was very well thought out.


I completely agree but for endless mode it would be a nice addition since it's still the amount of scrap you get that is too much I know it's basically your score at the end but in endless mode it's more the longest time you can survive compared to the score you would care about


I think this would be an nice thing too! Or some random encounter where you can do the trade once in a while. Like travelling merchant who would have some nice equipment also Wink
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I want a conquest mode. I want to build my own stations and fleets to guard them. Any way you guys can merge the two games into one?


It is a cool idea, definitely something we will think about. We have an idea of the ability to build Battlestations in Harbinger, but the game would still revolve around the 3 ships mainly so the Battlestation would be controlled by AI. This feature is not decided yet though.

Never know with a new Battlestation game though! It is possible we make something more in the form of master of the galaxy, building, researching and so on.


Love the new game idea, more build a space empire in the harbinger world!


I too agree, exchanging scrap for the cores is a very nice thing to have. Also, scrap can be used to build battlestations or some automated defence turrets..


Now that I thinknow about it making battlestation into a turn based strategy game with fleets and battlestations much like sins of a solar empire and so on where you are the commander of bigger multiple fleets in larger sectors with major battles every turnight and feeling the view of how the alien races have factories and a home base to defend from a invading fleet taking is beyond BSH and into the wars between races
The potential is limitless

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