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I play on android and i'm wondering if there is any difference in cost when repairing with Repair Drones, Repair Modules, or System Repair?

I usually find a repair module and my strategy has been to leave the module in storage until after a battle and then equip it to repair. I notice that this also uses my scrap. I experimented with repair drones as well. So is there any cost difference in any of the different repair options?

So far I know that station repair is free but i can't tell if the 3 options that cost scrap are all equal. Also does upgrading the modules have have effect on their cost? IE would a fully upgraded repair module cost less scrap to fully repair your ship than one that hasn't been upgraded?



this is a seriously good question but from what I know the repair cost is the same regardless of what you use most of the time the repair module and drones is just to help you repairing while in battle or in some places where you can't repair (black holes and astroid fields) what I'm actually interested in knowing that if they still cost scrap when in a sector with a station


Repair costs are the same for everything!


Thanks for the replies. I try to best my high scores so i avoid repairing. Now i'm wondering how to figure out if its more cost/score effective to fly back to a station or repair in space lol =P


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I usually carry either spare repair drones or beams on my inventory and repair in space when needed which is most cost efficient Smile
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