Best Weapons


What are some of the most powerful weapons in the game? and how rare are they? I personally love the Celestial Ion Cannon MKII
and the shield drainers.


For the new version, you really need to decide what tactic your going to use. By that I mean are you wanting to jump in on top of ships and battle close range or do you want to play keep away and fight long range. So here we go.

Short range <700:
1. Flack cannon
2. Death ray
3. Nuke (man I wish this had splash damage.. Anyway)
4. Vulcan cannon (this actually might should be #3)
5. Laser
6. Projectile cannon
7. Tesla coil
8. Ion cannon

Long range 1200+:
1. Death ray
2. Mega plasma
3. Nuke
4. Photon
5. Projectile cannon
6. Rocket
7. Missile
8. Plasma

This list off the top of my head but I can't help but feel I left a really good weapon out...


I personally have found the mega plasma to be one of the best long range weapons since it is powerful and cannot be shot down save by drone kamikazes. Nukes fall in right behind for sheer power. At closer ranges an ion cannon flak cannon combo wrecked opponents, but considering most enemies wre powerful up close this is a dangerous tactic imo. Finally, it is vital to have one ship with either repair drones or a repair beam. To me this is the optimal weapon configuration.

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