Suggestion: more ship availability


I'm playing on IOS and currently level 85 and it appears that I am not unlocking any more ships for my 2nd and 3rd ships. I would love to have more of the ships available in the start to use for my 2nd and 3rd ships - i.e. I'd love to go through the game with just Hurricane assault ships of just destroyers.

Also, it would be fun to have more weapons (like Vulcans) available to buy in the game. I would love to have a ship with just one weapon type, like just Vulcans), but you can not find enough of them. Could the feature be added to have more weapons available?


+1 for allowing better ships in the auxiliary slots.

I also like the idea of ships specialization. And would like to see it more pronounced for the enemy ships. Like enemies could have long-range ships, support ships, close combar ships, missile ships and stuff. This is to some extent already there, but idk if it's just me finding patterns in the random or the enemies do really have ships specialization..


Seems at a high level, like level 90, we've completed the game many times and now it is more about playing it again but differently. Like lay with just laser canons, or just projectile weapons. It would be nice if at a high level like level 90, everything available to buy from the beginning, all ships and weapons (although I can see the mass destruction weapons like the death ray or plasma canon not available). Right now, not a way for me to play with just ion canons, or just destroyers, or just flack and Vulcan canons.
Having those available would continue to make the game fun for me. Love this game, glad I bought it, but would find more fun replaying playing the game if I had more ship and weapons options from the start.


@tldillender it's a nice idea to make the availability of items dependant on user level, like ships now.. Also enemies and their numbers could depend on that too. Maybe combined enemy forces could appear later in the game, like Schillae fleet backed up by Trolgars or something like that.


I too have suggested increasing the number of buy slots at the starbases. And/Or creating Merchant ships that have 3 of 4 slots worth of stuff to buy. They could also launch missions and reward you with normal credits instead of following you around like a mercenary.


from what I hear with the one type of weapon for one ship is actually already possible just look in the shops and buy them? I know it's limited for things like the flak canon and the giant plasma ball thingy thats seriously fucking scary but I have had a fleet with only ion canons and seriously I feelt scared every time I saw how they removed enemy shields in a second


@joe1512: i like the idea with additional merchants! Adds more trade options, more missions, more life!

@Jonesso: heh, yeah, there are some deadly combinations like that Smile Ion cannons are extremely powerful in mass and burst.

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