What are you ranked?


Just saw that I am ranked #1 in Hard for IOS! Score 11,868. Has anyone else beat that score?


I got 270k once but that game involved sitting around waiting for the system to repopulate, using a distress beacon, killing everything and rinsing and repeating over a few days. The amount of scrap i had at the end of it all translated into a big (but cheaty) score.


[Image: ADcbng3rATg]


How to post screenshots here?


[Image: haygxo3.jpg]

You have to click the button shown above and then specify a link. So you have to upload your picture somewhere first. imgur.com is really good, just remember to use "direct link" in the share options there as the picture has to end with .jpg or .png to work.


[Image: DvM8ndc.png]


Thank you very much!!!Nice programme)))


Good job Smile


I had always wondered if I could run up the score by letting a system repopulate continuously. I'm just too impatient lol


Without letting the system repopulate and visiting every sector at least once, I achieved a score of almost 9200 which puts me around 70th on Android or something around there.

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