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Related to the question on fan fiction. Got interested in the background information on the universe.. Do maybe the universe creators have some knowledge of the following?:

1. What are the political orders of the races? In particular, what is the political model of the human state in the game? What is happening on Earth? The descriptions of Wanderers and Celestials give some insight about their political models, but not too much.
2. How many is the crew on the ships? Are the ships highly automated and self-sustaining that they require like about only a dozen crew or are they full of people?
3. Am I right that drones are controlled by AI or remote, and fighters are controlled by living human pilots?
4. What can you tell about the hyperspace technology? What kind of technology is it? How long does a travel last? Does the duration of travel depend on distance?
5. Is there an events history timeline of the universe? What is the context of the events in BS:FC and BS:H?
6. What about the planets? Do races colonize planets? How many planets does the human race possess? What about other races?
7. What non-military vessels are there? Are there any research, transport, mining, passenger and other kinds of vessels?
8. Are ship weapons operated by crew members or does AI takes the most of the control on itself?
9. Where is the rest of the human fleet?
10. Where do the auxiliary ships come from?

Maybe some questions don't have answers, but maybe some can be answered.. and these could be used as background info for fan fiction, if there'd come some.

Also maybe somebody else could think of more questions..


1 well lets just say the unkown is evil and assholes to everyone
2 taking from the size of the fighter which has a cockpit it's plausible to say that the ships has 5-15 crew but lets judge by the fact that usually a capital ship is large enough to have around 1500-4000 crew depending on it's role lets just say the number of people on the ships is in the 250-5000 range depending on what ship we are talking about
3 you would be right in that drones are controlled from their ship because I often find drones to become useless if you take out their home base compared to fighters which go on and also fighters and bombers should have a living pilot because of the cockpit on them
4 from how the hyperspace looks in transition I would say it's something like the warp drive from star trek or the FTL drive from Faster Than Light
5 actually in the trailer for one of the old Battlestar games the A.I. actually tells you the lore of how the other races meet the humans and how the unknown caused war between them again
6 the possibility of people colonizing planets it possible but also slim as finding a goldylocks planet or terraforming a planet into a stable condition will take a lot of time
7 we allready know the civil transporters are in the game so lets just assume the other kind is there too
8 judging from my knoglede of most Sci-Fi space series weapons are not human operated but the A.I. is so that the weapons is automized but the humans chose where to shoot
9 Once again recall how the humans where attacked by the unknown years ago in the lore and the human fleet where probably destroyed in the desperate attempting to fight off the unkown but it failed leaving you alone
10 The auxiliary ships probably come from some human ship building area?


The trailer above explains some beginnings of the Battlestation universe. There is quite a lot written actually, we have a book. The only problem right now is the fact that it exists only in Finnish Smile We have some snippets of the book in the "sci-fi book" section on these forums.

Our resources are quite limited as a game studio, and for this reason we haven't had the time or the resources to think the back story through completely. We do have a pretty good framework though, the Unknown being the evil and everybody else looking to colonize new planets and dominate the galaxy. Some of the races are just outright out looking for the reason why bad things happened to them in the past.

I have to say I'm quite proud of the world we have created, granted it's probably not something truly out of this world kind of stuff, but it's also not the unoriginal material that it could be Smile

We had an idea regarding Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope, where different officers (Engineers, Scientists, Pilots and Marines) would lead Androids. So most of the grunt work in every department would be done by Androids but human officers would lead them, and even give them abilities based on their own strengths.

So in this sense most of the bulk personnel would be Androids, while all the leading stuff is done by experienced human Officers and Commanders.

The trailer above shows how all of this started, why humans decided to build the very first Battlestation (That you control in Battlestation: First Contact episode 1 and Battlestation: Classic). Battlestation: Harbinger would be some time after this, when humans have managed to fight back and get some territory back again. It could also be before all of this, when humans were spread out and starting to lose territory Smile

So many great questions! The one cool thing about all of this is the fact that the Battlestation universe is practically endless. We can create a bunch of new games into the universe and slowly the story will unfold with these games. The world will become bigger and bigger and maybe one day there will be a good picture of the whole universe and how everything is related.


Wow, this epic! Really this video is from the Battlestation: Humanity's Last Hope, haven't been yet exploring it. Just visited the Steam page for the first time in a fairly long period... last time I was there like more than a year ago..

I also like that the whole universe carries some kind of a subliminal message as I see it. For example, the races - even from the small texts of Battlestation: Harbinger, we see that each has a history where they faced a life-changing event, a challenge that somehow feels real and causes sympathy, had a chance to become bad, maybe even they did become bad, but then they have worked over this and managed to handle their fate and destiny, as in the movie they have come to peace with humanity and each other. And the problems they have faced feel natural and are really metaphors for the problems that each human meets in various aspects of his life and has to come back in peace with the rest of the humanity. In this aspect the races feel like real personalities or parts of a personality, like mythological aspects. This is very interesting. Idk why, but this caught my attention. Must be the way the texts are written.

The Unknowns seem to be the ultimate evil, something on the very edge of life itself.. beings from the void. They are like.. fear? Something uncontrollable? A denial of peace? And they have sawn disagreement upon the entities that have managed to come in peace once before.. looks like life, and a new challenge to work out, now on a completely different level..

All this aspires to deep mythological roots of our own psyche and society.. could carry deep meaning and a really positive and wise messages.

And the characters are shining too! Rather charismatic and whole. I see lots of potential. Looking forward to the development of the lore in the future games and content Smile

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