Do you use Tractor Beams?


So, it's there in the headline! Do you use Tractor Beams? How do you use them? Which kind do you prefer? Why? What tactics and strategy do you employ?

Personally I find that Tractor Beams are good when there's nothing else to install in the weapon slots. But choosing between weapons and Tractor Beams, I prefer weapons.


What good are they? I mean, a repulser beam that shoves enemy fighters WAYY off, and/or repulses missiles would be useful. But a tractor? WHY? Besides the tractor has such lousy range anyways, that it wouldn't even be useful for pulling in a plasma or missile bomber.


Its range should be increased in 3-4 times + add some upgrades(example:beam power that it would be possible to tractor bigger ships and range upgrade).In that case it would be usefull)


I have never really felt any reason to use the tractor beam because often there is better things to place in the weapon slot than a beam that can hold enemy fighters close to your ship


Tractor beams are completely useless in my experience. Their only possible use is to hold a fighter for rockets to hit. Their range is laughable, damage is zero, influence on capital ships zero, capacity for upgrade is zero. Point defense is overwhelmingly better against anything except the long-ranged missile fighters.

I can't think of a single other situation in which I'd want a tractor beam instead of a stock projectile cannon with no upgrades.


I would be interested to see how a "reimagined" tractor (or repulsor) might work. Right now it's hard to find a use case.

I would really like something that could push enemy ships away...


@Forty In Red: As a suggestion - a repulsor for fighters/drones would be meaningful if it could quickly stab 3-5 of them, pushing them away, disabling their engines so that they are thrown away for a considerable distance. So that it'd take some seconds for them to return back. For capital ships it must be something that is capable of keeping them away at distances near ~1000 to prevent close-range fire or ~500 to prevent point-defese ship-to-ship interaction.

Targeting a single fighter to me is in 99% pointless..

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