Special Items (magic)?


Just had this idea - there could be some special items, for one-time use or for constant use, or continuous use. Like, a ship could have like 0-3 additional slots, displayed off-ship on the schematics, where these items can be installed, and the GUI would allow a quick-access menu for activating them.

Some examples of special items:

- Warp inhibitor (one-time) - disable enemy jump drives so that they *for sure* won't chase the player if he escapes

- Shield-shattering wave (one-time) - same as a storm, but player shields are intact

- 0.25 Ship speed increase (full-time)

- Instant warp recharger (one-time)

- Missiles decoy (one-time) - a target that flies off the player ship, attracting all enemy missiles for some seconds

- Cloak- a vague concept

- Targeting Jammer (one time) - reduce enemy targeting precision by 25% for some time

- Gravity attractor (one time) - fires a position-targeted charge, which, when reaches the position and deploys, creates a gravity attractor, making the enemy ships slide toward it. Could be rather epic if made to also affect ordnance Big Grin

- Repulsor (one time) - throw away enemy ships

- Mirror (one-time) - reflect all energy weapons for 10 seconds (make them damage the oppresor? or just dissipate?)

- Controlled antimatter explosion charge (one-time) - a targeted weapon that creates a damaging explosion wave when reaches the designated position

- Medkit (one-time) - you get the idea

- Various kinds of assitance buildings, like deployable turrets?

- ...

And if an enemy has such abilities, there could be an icon next to its ship, corresponding this ability so that the player would know that it may be activated any time by the enemy. Would require more AI, but.. hey that would be epic! And very rogue-like! Such things could be a great asset on harder levels, and especially in the endless mode!

Idk if it's worth the hassle though.


I like the concepts, but you have to keep the "rogue-like/lite" genre in mind.

Me,I like the gravity field generator weapon. It keeps your opponent flt uncharged until the ship using the weapon is destroyed or jumps away.


I have also thought about having a 3rd type of ship slot that would be for items like this. Mostly it would provide minor to modest static bonuses that you can use. Targeting Computer boosts all accuracy by 5. Repair Bot adds a trickle of repair to that ship only. Hardened shields redirects 20% of missile damage to shields. Expansion Field makes teleport work on the whole fleet, everyone keeping their relative positions.

You could also have a handful of 1 shot items like described above with a significant effect.

Or some items that have a more modest clickey-effect which would help increase the interactive feel of fights. i.e. Warp Field that boosts your fleet's movement speed by 2x for 10 seconds, with 1 minute cooldown.


@Maarek Stele well, this concept is sure as sure truly roguelikeous! Smile items for using them... may seem heavy, but why no pop up the idea, especially that it could tie in really well with what we have and give it all a few more nice twists and highly increase the replayability, which this game is heavily relying on. If later any multiplayer be introduced, it will improve that much too.


This is great idea! Love to see it in the extended endless game. Also perhaps adding some alien artifect ultimate weapon as well and be able to save different progress of the game in different slots for players to name the progress like "invincible fleet", "3 little ships"... Etc. lol

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