Win prizes and help market Harbinger for PC by joining this Thunderclap!



We have started preparations for the release of Battlestation: Harbinger on PC. Apologies for the delay, this is the first time we will release a game on Steam and the pressure to succeed is high. We could really use your help to get more visibility for the game when we launch.

We would be truly grateful to receive your support by joining this Thunderclap campaign:

Just click on the link above and join with Facebook and/or Twitter. Everyone who joins will blast a message together once the game is published on Steam. It is a one-time function so don't worry about spam being possible, we promise not to abuse this.

You can also win prizes by joining! We will draw winners randomly from all who have joined, the prizes are as follows:
  • 3 Name a Battlestation prizes! If you win this one you will get to name a Battlestation in the game, appearing randomly in one of the galaxies. We cannot guarantee your Battlestation name will be shown in every game, but the chances are high!
  • 10 BSE Patreon codes. A CODE TO UNLOCK a unique ship BSE PATREON in the game, only available to players with the code. Featured in the PC/Mac/Linux versions only.


I'm sorry but I don't use STEAM. Actually I'm sorry for BugByte. Personally I boycott STEAM cause it doesn't add value to my experience, it just gets in the way and increases the cost to me of games I might want to play. STEAM turns a game from I might want to play it to I'm not going to play it.

I'm really sorry I supported the Kickstarter campaign. You can send me my money back.



@wievil. We are also releasing the game as a DRM-free direct download for our Kickstarter backers, so you don't have to use Steam if you don't want to!

I don't know why you don't like Steam, but I can say with certainty that without Steam there wouldn't be much possibility to make Battlestation games. Steam is a great channel to reach players, that's what developer needs to survive. So we absolutely have to go on Steam, there is no choice.


I could not agree more. Steam as a platform gives developers the option to get their games out, and us as users a platform which updates, synchronizes and maintains our games.
To say it has no added benefits is, to me, ignoring everything it gives.


I think the PC version still needs a lot of work on the menus. It has a lot of wasted space and a lot of data can instead be compressed into one screen. For example, there is enough screen real estate to show the available weapons for purchase while still showing the ship layout. As it is right now, it still looks like a mobile to pc port. Do you still have time to update that?

The micromanagement of the drones is a nice improvement though. I would like to see combat with 3 ships against other ships instead of just fighting against single drones. That would be more exciting to watch ?


Will this be available on tablets or phones


@Silent Ninja. It has been out on tablets and phones around 5 months Smile If that is what you mean. You can find it on both Google Play and Apple App Store. It's already updated too, but we will bring some final updates to the mobile version once we get the PC version released. Then we can work on finalizing the mobile version.


I meant the version in the video above but thanks anyway?


Clapped away, can't wait for all the big updates and enhancements.

Will these also be coming to existing installs, such as Android?


@simondarksidej. We will update the mobile version with all features that is possible, like the new ships and so on. But the user interface will be as it is on mobile, to make game play possible on smaller phones as well.

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